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Common Questions

Common Questions

Is therapy right for me?
Whether or not you're working with clinical issues such as anxiety or issues related to self esteem or challenging life transitions, you'll find in these four walls a non-judgmental space in which you may find new insight, support, relief, understanding, and new strategies for all types of life's many challenges. If any of this speaks to you, you are a good candidate to explore therapy. 

What will my first session be like?

The first step (if you haven’t already) is to email, call, or reach out to set up an appointment.  I'll send you in advance intake and insurance documents for you to fill out in the comfort of your home so that we can use our time in our first session talking instead of filling out paperwork.  Once together,  we'll discuss some of your background and talk about what primary issues you would like to focus on.  If you're comfortable in moving forward, future sessions are scheduled and typically last 50 min.  Research studies prove that one of the most powerful tools to effective therapy quite simply is the relationship between you and your therapist - so I recommend you take the time out to find someone you truly feel comfortable.

Is therapy confidential?

The information disclosed by you is confidential and will not be released to any third party without written authorization from you, except where required or permitted by law. Exceptions to confidentiality include, but are not limited to, situations where you pose a threat of serious harm to yourself or someone else; cases involving suspected child, elder or dependent adult abuse; cases in which another therapist has engaged in sexual misconduct; cases in which I am court-ordered to testify or produce records.  If you are under 18 the information discussed may be made available to your parent or guardian, however, I adhere respect to your PRIVACY, in that sense I will not disclose all information provided in session, and content shared will be part of our collective decision  If you have concerns about your PRIVACY in respect to your care, please discuss these concerns with me.

Do you provide referrals? 

 Yes, if we find that you are better suited with another therapist for any reason or need an adjunctive service, I will happily provide referrals to people that I believe people will provide you the support you need.  Over the years I have developed a trusted network of adjunctive health professionals such as Acupuncture, Reiki naturopathic Medicine and more. Their specific skills may contribute to the restoration of health and wellbeing.

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