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Rachel Ackley is a breathwork facilitator, 500-hour yoga instructor and healer with a Master’s in Health Promotion. She has advanced trainings in reiki, restorative yoga, health coaching and physiotherapy. As a teacher, her intention is to bring light to the shadow and help students move closer to a life that feels free within. She believes that once we shine light of conscious awareness on the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden, the darkness loses its power over us and we free up vital energy and the unique gifts that we may not have known were there. 

My Story

From her own experiences, she has learned that we will always be our best teacher. Rachel believes that the relationship that we have with ourselves is one of the most important relationships that we can build. Her work comes from using tools from her own path of healing. Her intention is to help others become more aware of their internal environment by becoming aware of their thoughts, feelings and emotions. She helps students identify where and why resistance shows up in the physical, mental and emotional body so they can gain a deeper meaning of life and connect to their purpose and truth.

My Philosophy

Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools that Rachel uses for healing, and to help students access their unique gifts of creativity and open the heart. It is a self-healing tool that heals wounds at a cellular level and connects you to yourself on a deeper level and it strengthens the connection to your intuition and spirit. It has the power to change ways of being, anxiety, trauma and depression, while enhancing feelings of love and joy. Rachel works around the seven chakras and teaches that each energy center holds a universal spiritual life lesson that we must learn to evolve into higher consciousness. The breath does the work of shifting any stagnant or blocked energy around the chakras that keeps you feeling low in energy and stuck in life. Leaving breathwork sessions you feel lighter, softer and renewed. You may even experience a feeling of being “high” on energy, love and light.

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