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Consider offering you employees one of two mindfulness training routes that boosts company morale and gives staff time for self-care so they return to work calmer and more efficient.

Mindfulness 101

 This is 90 minute training seminar on mindfulness  which includes

  • guided meditation and time for Q&A

  • what is mindfulness

  • how to practice

Mindfulness 4.0

This is an ongoing meditation group with sessions lasting 60 min which includes

  • Weekly one-hour in-person sessions will  introduce an experiential practice along with  the science and benefits of mindfulness and time for Q&A

  • Participants will be provided a variety of mindful practices to explore between sessions

  • Exercises will target stress reduction, creativity, effective communication.


Your employees will learn:

  • How to become less reactive and more creative

  • How to have a mindful conversation and sharpen up their communication skills

  • Techniques to become more focussed and efficient

  • A practice that can help them bring more positive emotion and resilience to life

Give your employees an opportunity to disconnect from the internet

so they can learn how to tap into their inner-net.