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couples therapy

The key to long lasting, healthy relationships is ultimately tied into our ability to be  open, honest and vulnerable with each other.

While falling in love is quite simple, maintaining a healthy intimate relationship  is certainly more complex. Unfortunately, our most intimate relatoinships seem to have a way of bearing the burden of life's inevitable complexities.


You may have found yourselves slipping into old patterns of behavior, unclear of whether you are on the same page, operating from and triggering old wounds, feeling emotionally disconnected, struggling with new phases of your relationship, or facing betrayals such as infidelity. 

Couples counseling aims to:

  • help partners increase their understanding of each other and the issues they face as team.

  • teach couples to leverage each others strengths while being open and honest about weakness

  •  learning to tools to deepen empathy and build clear communication

  • understand and  learn to change conditioned  pattern of conflict

  • understand how to heal instead hurt eachother

  • provide a safe place to prevent problems

  • work through new phases of life and challenges

  • enhance emotional and sexual intimacy

  • engage in collaborative decision making about next stages of a relationship

We may incorporate several different therapeutic approaches in our work together. This includes psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, somatic,  solution focused therapies, and communication based therapies

Your don'tresolve themselves.  

Let's do the work together! You are both worth it.

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