In order to heal our wounds, we must have the courage first to face them. 


 Clients who attend EMDR sessions are both people who have experienced a single major traumatic event or clients who have managed their way through multiple small chronic distressing events. The idea behind the system is the that our brain and body have a natural ability to heal itself – although sometimes that healing may be imperfect.  

 When we experience a trauma, our body’s ability to heal becomes stuck leaving the event unprocessed or processed through an unhealthy adaptation of ourselves or our world.

EMDR aims to:

  • re-process events that are often the cause of PTSD, anxiety, phobias, anger, resentment and many other negative emotions and symptoms. 

  • resolves negative thoughts and emotions associated with the event  a more positive integrated way.

  • reduce symptoms related to the event including intrusive thoughts, flash-backs, hyper-arousal, numbness, sleep distress and nightmares. 

  • develop a positive shift in self perception


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