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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my practice and express my gratitude for you sharing your journey with me.


I  ntend to provide effective, compassionate and personal care to those encountering a variety of problems, including our specialty areas in anxiety, relationship difficulties, and concomitant conditions.


I am committed to assist you in  meeting your goals in the best possible way. To help me with this, please give me your  feedback, cooperate with the treatment plan, do homework when it’s assigned and do your best to be reliable and consistent in making your appointments.


One of our greatest pleasures of a therapist is in  seeing how our efforts are rewarded by the progress that our patients achieve. It is often recommended and advisable to coordinate care with your primary care physician. Enclosed you will find a form which gives us permission to contact your medical doctor regarding your care and treatment. Please fill out and sign the enclosed form and return it as soon as possible to your therapist. Again, welcome to  MY practice.I hope you become one  the many clients who have been helped and who support  practice through their continuing referrals of friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances who can similarly benefit from our services.






Christine Mammes LMHC, ERYT

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